About OSSChain

Founded in 2022, OSSChain represents a pioneering intersection in the realms of blockchain technology and digital services. Its primary objective is to catalyze a transformation in the global digital platform arena, centering on the development and implementation of innovative solutions to address intricate challenges within the sector. The organization is dedicated to becoming a leader in providing cost-efficient web and cryptocurrency services, in line with its overarching goal of advancing online operations via the integration of blockchain technology.



Givi Giorgadze CEO/CTO at OSSChain
Givi Giorgadze


Lasha Giorgadze, Business Development & Strategy at OSSChain
Lasha Giorgadze

Business Development

Irakli Nizharadze
Irakli Nizharadze

Marketing and Community

Dea Kusrashvili, Product Director at OSSChain
Dea Kusrashvili

Product Owner


Nika Bakhbakhashvili

Front End Developer

Nika Qobuladze

Full stack developer

Giorgi Khitarishvili

Data Engineer

Amiran Burjanadze
Amiran Burjanadze

Front End Developer