The Governance of OSSChain

Contribute to the future of $OSS. You will be able to both submit development proposals and vote for the one that will be officially in the process of being voted on.

The Governance DAO

By joining the governance of Osschain, you will contribute to the future of $OSS.

What is a Governor?

At Osschain, members of the Governance DAO are called “Governors”.

Join the Governance

To join the governance DAO, the first step is to own min 100k $OSS.


Decentralized autonomous organization

What i do as a Governor?

As a Governor within the OSSChain ecosystem, your role transcends mere membership to actively shaping its future. Entrusted with access to the Governance DAO’s advanced dashboard, you possess the capability to propose resolutions in alignment with your designated governance rights. This influential position empowers you to make critical decisions, thereby directly impacting OSSChain’s strategic direction and evolution.